Mark S. Bonham

MARK S. BONHAM founded Strategic Value Corporation with the vision of
providing Canadian investors with a Canadian-based global asset
management company, with the investment objective of providing above
industry average returns to investors over a full business cycle. A
graduate of both the University of Toronto (B.Comm.) and the London
School of Economics (M.Sc.Econ.), he has over 15 years of investment
management experience. Prior to establishing Strategic Value
Corporation, Mr. Bonham co-founded BPI Financial Corp. in 1986, and as
Chairman, President and CEO, subsequently built the firm into Canada’s
14th largest independent mutual fund firm over the span of 10 years. He
has developed an impressive track record of successful and profitable
acquisitions, most notably the Walwyn Series of Funds, 1988; M.K. Wong,
One Decision Balanced Fund, 1989; Bolton Tremblay Funds, 1994; and
Laurentian Funds Management, 1997. Mr. Bonham’s expertise lies in the
analysis of the equities of individual companies. As an economist, he
also formulates the overall investment policy and asset mix decisions
for the Strategic Value Series of Funds. Mr. Bonham manages in excess of
$600 million on behalf of Strategic Value unitholders.