Mark A. Smith

MARK A. SMITH is President, Chief Executive Officer and Founder
of Underground Solutions, Inc. He has over 25 years of senior
executive management and operational experience in the water
services, environmental and construction industries. Throughout
his career, he has combined innovative and creative problem
solving abilities with a hands-on management style to create and
lead a management team in accomplishing significant growth
objectives. Under his leadership as Founder, Chairman, and Chief
Executive Officer, Underground Solutions has grown from a small
start-up technology development company to a national ‘solutions’
provider to the municipal water industry. Underground Solutions
has obtained the United States and international rights to the
patented Duraliner_ Structural Water Line Renewal System which
allows municipalities to economically and efficiently replace
old, leaking and corroded underground water pipes with minimal
excavation and the resulting surface disruption to traffic and
people. Mr. Smith has been instrumental in overseeing all phases
of the development and growth of Duraliner and Underground
Solutions. Under his leadership the company has completed
extensive third party engineering certifications for Duraliner,
which include NSF 61 Certification for Drinking Water. On behalf
of the company, Mr. Smith has been an active participant and
speaker at various business, industry and regulatory events. In
addition, he is active in community and church activities in his
hometown near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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