Judy Frenkel

JUDY FRENKEL is Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of
Robocom Systems International Inc. She has been with the company for the
past 18 years in positions ranging from systems analyst to Senior Vice
President and Chief Operating Officer. Among her responsibilities have
been product development including systems analysis, design,
programming, data base administration and quality assurance, all related
to warehouse management and supply chain software products and, more
recently, the direct management of corporate affairs. During those
years, Ms. Frenkel has been involved in the business process and
software design of the RIMS’ warehouse management system and related
applications. She closely interacts with customers and potential
customers regarding the implementation of standard software products in
a variety of unique situations including large and small warehouses,
single and multi-site implementations, manually controlled and heavily
mechanized facilities (including interfaces to carousels, conveyors,
AS/RS devices, automated guided vehicles, radio frequency devices,
barcode scanners, and more). Ms. Frenkel holds a Bachelor’s degree in
Mathematics from Queens College.