John W. Sammon

JOHN W. SAMMON is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PAR
Technology Corporation. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy
with distinctive honors, received a Master’s degree in
Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, and received a PhD in
Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University. Dr. Sammon
served his military obligation as a Research Engineer at the U.S.
Air Force’s Rome Air Development Center where he did early
pioneering work in the computer field of pattern recognition. In
1968, Dr. Sammon founded Pattern Analysis and Recognition
Corporation, the predecessor of PAR Technology Corporation, to
pursue consulting work involving applications of his Pattern
Recognition research. Today, Dr. Sammon is a Fellow of the
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, holds an
honorary Doctor of Science from the State University of New York,
and has over 35 publications in the field of pattern recognition.
Other activities have involved membership on the selection
committee for the U.S. Military Academies, Adjunct Professor of
EE and Computer Science at Syracuse University, member of the
Board of Trustees of Colgate University, membership on the
Governor’s Defense Advisory Committee for New York State, and
member of the New York State Technology Enterprise Corporation
Board of Advisors.

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