John H. Livens

JOHN H. LIVENS has 35 years of investment management experience and is
the President of Winchester Capital Management Company L.L.C. Prior to
this, Mr. Livens was a Partner of State Street Research and Management
Company where he served as a security Analyst, Portfolio Manager, and a
member of the firm’s investment committee. State Street Research and
Management is one of the oldest mutual fund investment management
organizations in the U.S. It managed pension funds for leading U.S. and
foreign companies, as well as assets of institutions, such as Harvard
University’s endowment until 1972. At the time of its sale in 1984, to
Metropolitan Life, State Street Research and Management managed assets
in excess of $12 billion. Mr. Livens is a Director/Treasurer and
Chairman of the Investment Committee of Parents’ and Children’s
Services, a 150-year-old social services organization. He also serves as
Director of several private companies as well as charitable
institutions. Mr. Livens received his A.B. cum laude from Harvard
College and an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School in 1960. He
served in the U.S. Navy as a Flying Officer.