Jay M. Green

JAY M. GREEN is Executive Vice President and Director of Corporate
Development of Inyx, Inc. He has more than 20 years of diverse business
experience, including serving as a Corporate officer with two New York
Stock Exchange-listed companies, a senior executive with both a New York
investment banking firm and a Greenwich, Connecticut, merchant
banking/venture capital firm, and as a managing principal with several
advisory firms. On the corporate side, Mr. Green served as a Vice
President with Paxar Corporation, a leader in merchandise identification
and bar-code technology. On the consulting side, he has advised nearly
500 public and private businesses across industry ‘ from startups to
Fortune 100 corporations. His clients have included: Anaren Microwave,
ARCO Chemical (a public spinoff from Atlantic Richfield Company),
Cardinal Health, Forest Laboratories, IBM, Polaris Industries, The QVC
Network and Upjohn.

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