James M. Holland

JAMES M. HOLLAND is Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and
Secretary of Atwood Oceanics, Inc. Mr. Holland joined Atwood Oceanics
in April 1977 as Accounting Manager. Mr. Holland was promoted to
Controller in October 1977, to Treasurer in January 1980, and to Vice
President, Finance in May 1981. He served in these capacities until
October 1988 when he was appointed to his current position. Mr. Holland
received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Texas Tech University
in 1967, his Master’s of Business Administration from Texas Tech
University in 1970, and he has been a Certified Public Accountant since
1971. Mr. Holland, as Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for the
financial and accounting activities of Atwood Oceanics and serves as the
company’s Corporate Secretary. Mr. Holland’s activities have involved
finance, accounting and tax matters, both in the US and in various
international areas in which Atwood Oceanics has operated, as well as
investor relations.