James L. Herbert

JAMES L. HERBERT is President and Chief Executive Officer of
Neogen Corporation and was one of the company’s Founders in 1982.
Mr. Herbert holds a BS degree in Agriculture from the University
of Tennessee and has completed advanced studies at Harvard
University and Emory University. He previously held the position
of Corporate Vice President of DeKalb Ag Research, a major
agricultural genetics and energy company. He has management
experience in animal biologics, specialized chemical research,
medical instruments, aquaculture, animal nutrition, and poultry
and livestock breeding and production. Mr. Herbert has served as
a member of the Board of Directors or an officer of 19 US
corporations and has been active in a number of trade and
community organizations. He currently serves as a member of the
Board of Trustees of MB International, a world class, non-profit
research organization devoted to the use of biotechnology to
develop high value products from agricultural feed stocks.