James C. McClendon

JAMES C. McCLENDON is the Chief Executive Officer, Senior Portfolio
Manager and strategist of The Pacific Financial Group, Inc. He began
his professional career in 1962. His many years of investment advisory
and management experience have led to an investment philosophy that
combines Fundamental and Technical Analysis with Econometric Studies
that blend into a methodology which he calls “Rational Analysis”. Mr.
McClendon and his team of professionals attempt to take the best of
these disciplines and integrate them into a system of understanding,
evaluating and judging investment opportunities. This “Rational
Analytical” approach focuses not only on premium returns but also
reducing risk to its lowest level. The Pacific Financial Group, Inc.’s
specialized software and computer systems are an integral part of the
analysis used in these processes. Mr. McClendons knowledge of the
financial industry and his extensive experience in economic and
financial analysis ensures that The Pacific Financial Group, Inc. will
always be managed with professional expertise and integrity. Mr.
McClendon has held various corporate positions, with his key areas of
responsibility including Mergers and Aquisitions, Capital Asset
Management, Corporate Financial Planning, Labor Negotiations, and New
Product Developement and Analysis. He brought this valuable expertise in
asset and liability management and investment experience with large
national firms to his own business, and the beginnings of The Pacific
Financial Group, Inc. were formed. In 1984, the firm was incorporated.
Mr. McClendon holds a degree from Evergreen State College.

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