J. Stephen Zepf

J. STEPHEN ZEPF is CFO & Treasurer of Hughes Supply, Inc. He joined the
company in 1983 as Assistant to the President, after thirteen years with
the accounting firm of Price Waterhouse. Promoted to his current
position in 1984. Mr. Zepf is responsible for the financial operations
of $3.0 billion in sales volume for a NYSE company. He negotiated and
closed over 85 acquisitions, which added over $1 billion in sales. Mr.
Zepf is a member of the Board of Directors and a past Treasurer of the
University Club of Orlando, and a past President of the Accounting
Advisory Board of the University of Central Florida. He was educated at
Ball State University where he received a BS in Accounting, 1971. Mr.
Zepf is married with 3 children.

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