Ignatius L. Smetek

IGNATIUS l. SMETEK holds the position of Managing Director-Common Stock
for Mason Street Advisors, LLC, a subsidiary of Northwestern Mutual,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In this position he manages the large
capitalization equity portion of the company’s pension fund and other
accounts. Additional responsibilities include asset allocation for the
entire Pension Fund, the Mason Street Asset Allocation Mutual Fund,
Variable Annuity/Variable Life Asset Allocation Fund and management of
Northwestern Mutual’s Charitable Foundation Fund. Mr. Smetek joined
Northwestern Mutual as a common stock analyst in 1986. He earned a BBA
degree in Accounting in 1983 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
and an MSBA degree in Finance in 1986 from the University of Wisconsin-
Madison. Mr. Smetek earned his Certified Public Accountant and Chartered
Financial Analyst designations.

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