Ian Nakamoto

IAN NAKAMOTO is the Managing Director of Portfolio Management and a
member of the Board of Directors of Bonham & Co., Inc. Asset Management.
He is the Lead Manager of the Bonham & Co., Inc. Canadian Equity Fund.
Mr. Nakamoto joined the firm in September 1977 and has over 13 years of
experience as a Portfolio Manager and a total 20 years of investment
experience in the Canadian equity market. Prior to joining Bonham & Co.,
Inc., he was a Vice President and a Portfolio Manager at a major
investment management firm, where he co-chaired the Canadian equity team
and managed a Canadian equity fund. Mr. Nakamoto was also part of the
Canadian equity team at an insurance company that managed $3 billion in
assets on behalf of clients, including pension funds and high net worth
individuals. He earned a BS from the University of Windsor and an MBA
from McMaster University. Mr. Nakamoto is a Certified Financial Analyst.