Glen Hilton

GLEN HILTON is co-Founder and Portfolio Manager of Montgomery Asset
Management’s New Power Fund. He is also the senior analyst on the global
equities team responsible for global infrastructure, including the
growth subsectors of capital goods and consumer durables. After years of
researching energy and power-related stocks, and leveraging Montgomery’s
Global Research Platform, Mr. Hilton recognized the broader opportunity
set surrounding alternative power and conceptualized the Montgomery New
Power Fund. His insight and expertise has highlighted him as a pioneer
and leading expert within the alternative power and energy sector. He is
recognized as one of the first analysts to cover this sector and is
frequently referenced by the media and industry leaders for his
expertise and experience. Mr. Hilton is also a featured speaker at
industry trade shows and events. He earned a BA degree in economics from
Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois.

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