Gerard B. Moersdorf

GERARD B. MOERSDORF, JR., Founder, Chairman, President and CEO brings
more than 25 years of telecommunications technology and management
experience to the customers of Applied Innovation Inc. His visionary
approach to telecommunications protocol mediation was the guiding force
behind the development of the AI product line. Beyond the technical
aspects of the company’s products, Applied Innovation’s approach to
customer service is a direct reflection of Mr. Moersdorf’s philosophy of
providing individual attention to each customer’s unique requirements.
Applied Innovation’s AI Switch product line and range of services
streamline the network management process and allow telecommunications
service providers to compete by concentrating on rapid test and turn up
of service to their customers. Mr. Moersdorf is equally successful at
growing a business as he is at product development. He was named the
Ernst & Young Regional Entrepreneur of the Year in 1993. Prior to
founding Applied Innovation, Mr. Moersdorf founded and established
Software Results Corporation, in Columbus, Ohio, in 1975. Software
Results designed and manufactured high-speed DEC to IBM data
communications products and was a consultant to ITT North Electric
Division in its development of the 1210 voice switch. Mr. Moersdorf, an
industry visionary, has written several articles on telecommunications
which have been published in technology trade magazines.