Frank R. Sanchez

FRANK R. SANCHEZ joined Sanchez Computer Associates, Inc., in 1980 as
the company’s Executive Vice President in charge of Technology and
Product Development. From 1994 to 1999, he served as President and Chief
Operating Officer for the company. In April 1999, Mr. Sanchez became the
company’s Chief Executive Officer. He oversees Sanchez’s global account
management, sales, marketing and provides the company’s ongoing
technology vision. For more than 22 years, Mr. Sanchez has led the
technical vision for the development of the company’s suite of
enterprise banking and financial services applications. He is the
principal architect of the Sanchez suite and continues to direct the
product line’s technical strategy. As chief executive officer, Mr.
Sanchez continues to expand the company’s global presence across the
financial services industry. In 1991, Mr. Sanchez initiated the market
relationships throughout the newly democratized countries of Central and
Eastern Europe and in 1996, led an expansion into Asia. Mr. Sanchez
attended the University of Connecticut where he studied Astrophysics and