Fabrizio Pierallini

FABRIZIO PIERALLINI is Senior Vice President and Managing Director of
International Investments for Votobel USA, Inc. He is a graduate of the
School of Economics and Business Administration in Berne, Switzerland.
In 1981 he began a five-year financial analyst training program with
Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in Zurich and London, after which he was
sent to UBS Singapore as a Financial Analyst. In 1986 he joined Bank
Julius Baer in Zurich as a Financial Analyst specializing in the Swiss
equity market. In 1988 Mr. Pierallini joined SBC Portfolio Management
Ltd. in Zurich as a Portfolio Manager actively managing international
equity portfolios for institutional clients in the MSCI world universe.
In 1991 he was transferred to Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) in New York
to assume overall responsibility for international asset allocation and
to manage the international equity portion of the SBC World Growth Fund.
Mr. Pierallini joined Vontobel USA in April 1994, and is responsible for
international equity research and portfolio management.

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