Peter F. Drake

DR. PETER F. DRAKE is a Managing Director and Senior Biotechnology
Analyst at Prudential Securities, Inc. He was a co-Founder and Executive
Vice President of Vector Securities International, Inc., which was
acquired in July 1999 by Prudential Securities, Inc. Prior to this, Dr.
Drake was a Partner with Kidder Peabody and Company and was its Senior
Research Analyst covering biotechnology and biomedical products from
1980-1983. Dr. Drake has published extensively on the biotechnology
industry. He has been consistently ranked among the leading analysts on
Wall Street by Institutional Investor magazine most recently as the
number one analyst among regional research boutiques, while at Vector
Securities International Inc. 1995-1999. Dr. Drake holds a PhD in
Neurobiology and Biochemistry from Bryn College, and a CBA from the
Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and
performed his undergraduate work at Bowdoin College where he majored in
Biology and Russian.

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