Derek M. Hong

DEREK M. HONG is a Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager with
Great Companies, LLC. He serves on a research team that manages the
Transamerica IDEX Great Companies ‘ America Fund, Transamerica IDEX
Templeton Great Companies Global Fund, Transamerica IDEX Great Companies
‘ Technology Fund, WRL Premier Great Companies ‘ America Fund, WRL
Premier Great Companies ‘ Technology Fund, WRL Premier 3 Great Companies
‘ Global Fund, and the Great Companies ‘ Future Fund. Mr. Hong has been
in the investment industry since 1991. His experience includes
international equities fund management (Japanese and Canadian equity
funds), buyside and sellside research analysis, and university-level
teaching. Mr. Hong earned a BS from the United States Air Force Academy
and an MBA from Stanford University. He holds the Chartered Financial
Analyst designation.

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February 07, 2005