David W. Kemper

DAVID W. KEMPER is Chairman, President and CEO of Commerce Bancshares,
Inc., an $11-billion bank holding company based in Missouri. Kemper’s
first career assignment came in 1975, with a two-year post with New
York-based Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. He started with Commerce in 1978,
joining Commerce Bank of Kansas City as Vice President in charge of
commercial lending. He later took on planning and development
responsibilities, serving as Senior Vice President (1980) and Senior
Executive Vice President (1981). He was named President of Commerce
Bancshares in 1982. In 1984, Mr. Kemper became Chairman of Commerce Bank
of St. Louis County; the following year, he was named Chairman and CEO
of Commerce Bank of St. Louis. Later in 1986, he was named Chairman and
CEO of Commerce Bancshares, Inc. In 1991, he was named Chairman,
President and CEO of Commerce Bancshares, Inc. Kemper graduated cum
laude from Harvard University in 1972. He received a Master of Arts
degree in English Literature from Oxford University in 1974 and an MBA
from Stanford Graduate School of Business (1976). He was recently
elected the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Mr. Kemper is a
Director of Businessmen’s Assurance Company of America, Tower Properties
Company, Ralcorp Holdings, Inc. and Wave Technologies, Inc. He serves as
Trustee of Washington University and President of the Board of Trustees
of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Mr. Kemper is also a board member of
the Saint Louis Symphony, the Stanford Business School Advisory Board,
Harvard University National Library Committee, and the John Burroughs
School (past President). He is currently Chair of the Washington
University National Library Committee. He is also a member of Civic
Progress in St. Louis.

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