David Campbell

DAVID CAMPBELL focuses on logistics and transportation stocks at
Thompson, Davis & Company in Richmond, Virginia, where he has been
Founder, Sales and Research, since July 2002. Previously, Mr. Campbell
worked in Sales and Research at Branch Cabell from 2000-2002 and at
Scott and Stringfellow from 1985-2002. He also worked in Institutional
Sales and Research for Wheat and Company from 1970-1985 and for Lieber
and Company from 1965-1970. From 1962-1965 Mr. Campbell was with the
U.S. Trust Company in the Investment Department. He was a member of the
Atlantic Fleet Destroyer Squadron and attended the U.S. Navy Officers
Candidate School in 1959. He received a BS in Economics from the
University of Pennsylvania in 1958. Mr. Campbell married his wife, Mary
Johnson, in November of 1963. They have three children, Margaret, David
and Windy.