Dave Hood

DAVE HOOD is the President of Integrated Medical Systems, Inc. Mr. Hood
was selected to lead this new company when it was ‘spinning-out’ from
Northrop Grumman Corporation. Mr. Hood has focused on forming the
company, establishing sales, reducing costs, working with investors,
garnering appropriate corporate credentials and expanding company
exposure. The company has substantially increased sales, decreased costs
more than 80%, created profits and earnings. Within Northrop Grumman,
Mr. Hood was the founder of this ‘intra-preneuring’ endeavor and co-
inventor of the cornerstone product. While at Northrop Grumman he was
responsible for stimulating more than 25 patents. He organized the team
and selected the appropriate staff to support different stages of this
emerging business, augmenting key technical talent with strong financial
talent, establishing a Subject Matter Expertise Team and selecting a
Board of Advisors. Mentored within Northrop Grumman by the CFO’s and
Treasurer’s office, Mr. Hood worked extensively with the investment
community to launch the new company. Prior to these responsibilities,
Mr. Hood worked with Rockwell International and Northrop Grumman. He
successfully guided the development of various sensor systems for high
performance aircraft, missiles, and satellites. He also guided work
related to pioneering Intelligent Transportation Systems and the
application of advanced materials to automotive engines and brake
systems. He has made numerous presentations at various venues in the US
and Europe. Mr. Hood has over 20 years of product development and
business experience. Mr. Hood has a Bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering
from the Ohio Institute of Technology, a Master’s in Engineering and
Scientific Management from West Coast University, a Master’s in Business
Administration from the University of Southern California and a recent
summer session at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Sloan School
of Management. Numerous other technical, management and business courses
augment Mr. Hood’s experience.

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