Daniel T. Murphy

DANIEL T. MURPHY is President and Chief Investment Officer of Northern
Capital Management, LLC. He heads the Investment Management Group, where
he is responsible for all aspects of the active management of the firm’s
institutional and individual clients. Mr. Murphy is a member of the
Investment Committee, where he participates in the firm’s investment
strategy, portfolio management, and tactical asset allocation decision-
making. He is co-head of the firm’s portfolio management team and is
responsible for the internal valuation modeling. Mr. Murphy also
conducts primary research and stock selection activities for various
industry groups. His prior experience includes being a partner and
senior investment analyst with Brinson Partners. He was an Investment
Officer and Equity Analyst with Ameritrust Bank. Mr. Murphy is a
graduate of the Applied Securities Analysis and Investment Management
Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he earned both a
BBA and an MBA in Finance. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.