Damon Vickers

DAMON VICKERS is a "trend-surfer", and has built a reputation on Wall
Street for having an almost "uncanny" ability to perceive developing
secular moves in the financial markets. Since 1986, until the present
Damon Vickers has been researching and discovering some of America’s
fastest growing companies. Mr. Vickers believes that corporate profits
are driven primarily by the consumer, and that the changing demands of
business and individuals in response to business and social trends drive
or depress earnings and thus stock prices. Mr. Vickers has a variety of
personal interest including a love for the outdoors; having spent many
summers on the lakes of Maine and Martha’s Vineyard Island. Mr. Vickers
loves big-game sports fishing. Like fishing the market also requires
patience and persistence. The art he says is knowing when the "big fish"
is on the line, and having enough patience to wait until he does. Damon
Vickers has been featured and or quoted on CNBC, Japan Public
Television, The Today Show, The New York Times, Equities, Barron’s and
Investors Business Daily.

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