Christopher Vizas

CHRISTOPHER VIZAS is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of eGlobe,
Inc. Mr. Vizas was elected Chairman and CEO of this NASDAQ-traded
company in December 1997, with a mandate from shareholders to revitalize
the company and turn it around. Mr. Vizas has extensive experience in
the structuring, development, and early-stage financing of
telecommunications and information technology businesses in North
America, Europe and Asia. From 1993 to 1997, in a succession of merchant
banking and investment positions, he managed the structuring and played
a lead role in negotiating the strategic relationships of a number of
multinational businesses. The projects involved the establishment of
strategic arrangements and operating presences in Canada, the United
States, Hungary, Russia, India, China, Thailand, Laos, Taiwan, Korea,
and Japan. During this period, Mr. Vizas was a Managing Director of
Kouri Capital Group and the Chief Executive Officer of its
telecommunications and technology affiliate, and then the Chief
Executive Officer of Quo Vadis International, successor to the Kouri
Telecommunications and Technology practice. Before joining Kouri, Mr.
Vizas shared in the founding and development of a series of technology
companies. Among other ventures, he was the co-Founder of Orion Network
Systems, the first private multinational satellite company and served as
a Director and Vice Chairman from the founding through the completion of
its development financing in late 1992. He also helped found Trinity
Cellular and served as its Managing Partner until its acquisition in
1987. Prior to pursuing his business interests, Mr. Vizas held various
positions in the United States Government, serving in the White House
Office of Telecommunications Policy as Special Counsel to the US Privacy
Commission and on the staff of the US House of Representatives. He has
represented the United States in international proceedings and has
advised other governments with regard to ITU and trade issues. Mr. Vizas
is a graduate of Yale University.

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