Charles T. Saldarini

CHARLES T. SALDARINI, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PDI,
Inc., has been responsible for the establishment of the company’s
reputation as the premier sales and marketing partner of choice. Prior
to joining PDI, he worked as a sales representative for Merrill Dow from
1985 to 1987. At Merrill Dow, he was the recipient of the Training
Award, Pacesetter Award and President’s Pin. In 1987, Mr. Saldarini
joined PDI as its first sales manager. In his 14 years at PDI, he held
numerous management positions in sales, business development and
training. His senior leadership roles include General Manager in 1990,
President in 1995, President and CEO in 1997 and Vice Chairman and CEO
in June 2000. Mr. Saldarini has worked with every therapeutic area. He
has supported the launch of over 80 different products or programs. Mr.
Saldarini has a BA degree in Political Science from Syracuse University
(cum laude).