Carl Clump

CARL CLUMP has been the Chief Executive of Retail Decisions plc since
12th January 2000, when it de-merged from Card Clear plc. He joined Card
Clear as Chief Executive at the end of 1998. Previously, he was Group
Managing Director of the Harpur Group Ltd, an International processor
and issuer of corporate payment cards, based in France. Before that he
spent 13 years with Texaco. His roles included those of European
Marketing Coordinator, based in Brussels where amongst other things he
was responsible for Texaco’s European Card Strategy; Manager of the UK
Marketing and Planning division; and, General Manager of a Consortium of
some 40 European card issuing oil companies. Retail Decisions is a
service-based company providing services and solutions to its customers.
Since its demerger Retail Decisions has expanded into four continents
and is now the pre-eminent player in its niches of risk management and
fraud prevention. Carl has a BSC in Physics, a post-graduate Diploma in
Management Studies, and an MBA from Cranfield School of Management.