Boyd R. Plowman

BOYD R. PLOWMAN, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial
Officer of Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc., returned to the company
as Chief Financial Officer in October 2000. Although this is a
relatively new appointment, Mr. Plowman had been CFO of Fleetwood
for 14 years before leaving in 1987. He has served in many
significant financial and general management position in his
career and has a diverse range of experience and knowledge of
finance and the financial markets. A Certified Public Accountant
with experience at two Big Five firms, he first joined Fleetwood
in 1969 as Assistant Controller. He was promoted to Controller in
1970, Treasurer in 1972, Financial Vice President and Chief
Financial Officer in 1973, and Senior Vice President and Chief
Financial Officer in 1977. He also served as the first Chief
Executive Officer of Fleetwood Credit Corp. from 1985 to 1987, at
which time he left the company to co-found a venture capital
firm. Mr. Plowman joined Lee & Associates as President in January
1990. Seven years later he rejoined Fleetwood as Vice President,
Retail Housing as well as Senior Vice President and Chief
Financial Officer of its subsidiary, Fleetwood Retail Corp. He
was named Senior Vice President of Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.,
at the time of his appointment as Chief Financial Officer, and
promoted to Executive Vice President in December 2001. Mr.
Plowman received his Bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude, in
Accounting with a minor in Economics from Utah State University.

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