Barry Cinnamon

Barry Cinnamon, CEO of Akeena Solar, is a long-time advocate of solar power and a widely recognized solar power expert. Mr. Cinnamon started his career in solar energy in the late 1970s as a researcher of new flat-plate and concentrating collector designs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). During the late 1970s and early 1980s, he designed and installed active solar, passive solar and ground-coupled heat pump systems. Mr. Cinnamon’s work on a solar power computer modeling led him into the software industry, where he served as CEO of Software Publishing Corporation and founded Allegro New Media, a multimedia software publisher that he later led to an IPO in 1995. Mr. Cinnamon earned a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from MIT and an MBA in marketing from Wharton. He is an NABCEP-certified Solar Installer, a licensed California C-46 Solar Contractor, an active member of the Silicon Valley Industries Association and California Solar Energy Industry Association, and he is a Senior Fellow of ALF – American Leadership Forum, Silicon Valley.

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Akeena Solar, Inc. - Barry Cinnamon
July 26, 2010