Anna E. Gluskin

ANNA E. GLUSKIN is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Generex
Biotechnology Corporation. Ms. Gluskin has held this senior position in
the company since its inception. Within this capacity, Ms. Gluskin
plans, co-ordinates and manages the business development activities of
the company, leading up to the timely development of new and improved
product processes. She provides leadership throughout the company and
directs most of her efforts towards seeking new opportunities wherein
Generex’s platform technologies may effectively be utilized. Ms. Gluskin
has spent much of her 25-year career within the global market in the
areas of finance. She has successfully negotiated agreements for various
ventures and developments worldwide. Since 1990, Ms. Gluskin has worked
on a number of medically related projects where she has developed her
skills in managing and directing several healthcare development groups.