Aliza Fan

ALIZA FAN has covered the energy sector for more than 10 years.
She is a Vice President – Senior Equity Analyst at John S.
Herold, Inc., a leading independent oil and gas research company,
where she covers US and overseas E&P companies. She also focuses
on in-depth industry reports and serves as co-editor of the
Herold Energy Investment Outlook. Prior to joining Herold in
September 1996, Ms. Fan covered the oil, natural gas and power
industries for Dow Jones & Co.’s investment research department
and tracked the petroleum industry for the financial news group
of a leading trade publication. She is a member of the National
Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts, the Houston
Producers’ Forum and the Independent Petroleum Association of
America. Ms. Fan holds BS and BA degrees from the University of
Maryland, College Park, and an NASD Series 65 license.

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