Alexander C. Cheung

ALEXANDER C. CHEUNG is Managing Partner of Long Bow Capital Management,
L.P. which he founded in March 2000. He has 15 years of investment
management and research experience. Prior to founding the firm, Mr.
Cheung was the Portfolio Manager for Monument Advisors, Ltd., where he
managed the Monument Internet Fund and the Monument Medical Sciences
Fund. He was voted Rookie Manager of the Year by Mutual Fund Magazine
(March 2000). Previously, he was Managing Director of Lion Rock Capital
Management. Mr. Cheung earned his BA with honors from the University of
London, where he majored in Economics and Public Administration. He
holds an MA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Cheung
conducted research and taught economics there until 1986. He is a
Chartered Financial Analyst and a member of the Association for
Investment Management and Research, Financial Analysts of Philadelphia,
American Association of Finance and the American Economics Association.