Alan B. Snyder

ALAN B. SNYDER, President and Founder of Snyder Capital Management,
Inc., is a Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst. His background in the
investment industry is a unique blend of research and portfolio
management, institutional and brokerage, trading and selling
domestically and internationally. Prior to founding Snyder Capital
Management, Inc., he was a Partner in Siebel Capital Management, one of
the most consistently successful investment organizations in the
country. Before joining Siebel Capital, he held the position of Vice
President-Research at Cantor, Fitzgerald and Company (a major trading
firm), where he was instrumental in establishing its investment research
division. Earlier, he spent eight years as Vice President-Research at
Rowe & Pitman, Incorporated, one of the premier European brokerage
firms, where he dealt with the major institutional investors in Europe,
the Middle East and Far East. Mr. Snyder holds an MBA in Finance from
the University of California at Berkeley. He received an MS degree in
Chemistry from Yale University, and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the
University of Maryland. Mr. Snyder is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He
is a member of the Financial Analysts Federation, and has served on the
Board of Directors of the Security Analysts of San Francisco. In his
spare time, Mr. Snyder enjoys traveling with his wife, Susan Katz, a
well-known professional travel photographer whose work has appeared in
many domestic and international publications.