Arcturus Therapeutics CEO on Proprietary Large Messenger RNA Delivery

March 25, 2019

Joseph E. Payne is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Arcturus Therapeutics Ltd. and has served on Arcturus’ board since March 2013. He brings to that position an exceptional track record of ushering novel therapeutics into the clinic, including targeted RNA medicines that utilize lipid-mediated delivery technologies.

Mr. Payne’s background includes over 20 years of successful drug discovery experience at Merck Research Labs, DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Kalypsys and Nitto as evidenced by over 40 publications and patents, and several investigational new drug — IND — clinical candidates.

His academic training includes a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, magna cum laude from Brigham Young University, a Master of Science in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of Calgary and Executive Training Certification from MIT Sloan School of Management.

In this 3,316 word interview exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Payne details the strategy road map for Arcturus and the key sustainable competitive advantage for his company.

“The RNA companies that describe themselves as antisense RNA or RNAi or siRNA or microRNA companies are using small RNA, as in small molecules. There are other methods to deliver those types of RNA, but large RNA is much more challenging. Very few players can functionally, effectively and safely deliver large RNA, and we are fortunate to be one of these companies.

Our LUNAR platform technology is a nonviral, lipid-mediated delivery system that allows for multidosing, attenuating and flexible delivery.”

The company has some impressive partnerships:

“For example, hepatitis B with J&J represents an enormous market of 300 million patients, so that is a J&J-type disease. NASH — nonalcoholic steatohepatitis — is the number-one liver disease, and Takeda is the number-one Japanese pharma company that also happens to be a world leader in NASH and fibrotic disease, so we partnered our technology with Takeda.”

Get the complete picture of this fascinating company and the entire detail by reading the 3,316 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript.