CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. (OTCMKTS:CURR) Brings its Innovative Drug Delivery System to Market: CEO Robert Davidson Details the Launch

July 20, 2018

Robert Davidson is CEO and Chairman of the board of directors of CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. Prior to his role at CURE Pharmaceutical, Robert Davidson served as President and Chief Executive Officer of InnoZen Inc., Chief Executive Officer of Gel Tech LLC, Chief Executive Officer of Bio Delivery Technologies Inc. and has served on multiple corporate boards. Mr. Davidson was responsible for the development of several drug delivery technologies and commercial brand extensions. He has worked with brands such as Chloraseptic, Suppress, as well as Pediastrip, a private-label electrolyte oral thin film sold in major drug store chains.

In this exclusive 3,457 word interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Robert Davidson reveals his marketing strategy for his innovative drug delivery system:

“Our staple technology is an oral thin film technology that is very similar to what a Listerine strip would look like, only it is a bit more complex. The complexity is that we can put multiple actives in one film and have them time-released. We can help deliver the drugs more effectively into the blood by bypassing first-pass degradation. You potentially can use less of that active to be more effective with fewer side effects. We definitely think of ourselves as unique in the industry. We look at molecules that are already developed and incorporate those into our delivery formulation to make them more effective.”

The company is moving from R&D stage to the high growth stage, and Robert Davidson details the go-to-market strategy:

“Over the first five or six years of our existence, CURE was developing the intellectual property — I.P. — portfolio so the technology can be scalable. A lot of times, you can make something exciting and fantastic in the lab, but you must figure out how to scale this up. The first six years of existence was focused on creating that scalability and designing the equipment around the technology. We own the I.P., not only on the technology itself, but also on the equipment and the trade secrets intertwined within the patent landscape, as well as in formulation and manufacturing processes…Sixteen months ago, we started to increase our business development efforts and outreach. ”

To get the complete 3,457 word interview with Robert Davidson of Cure Pharmaceutical Holding (OTCMKTS: CURR) read it in the Wall Street Transcript.