Craft Brew Alliance (BREW) Taps Into Growing European Desire for American Craft Beers

March 20, 2013

Craft Brew Alliance (BREW) has partnered with Craft Can Travel! to distribute their brands across the Atlantic into Europe, ready to tap into international customers’ growing interest in the variety of flavors of U.S. craft beer and beginning to position the brewery in the international market for the long term, says Terry E. Michaelson, CEO of Craft Brew Alliance.

“What we became aware of is there’s certainly starting to be an evolving desire from a number of European countries to have craft beers from America,” Michaelson said. “What was important for us is that we had a strategy that we believe worked long term and that could really establish our brands over a long period of time and make a significant contribution to our business.”

Craft Brew Alliance chose to partner with Craft Can Travel! because of their expertise in the international beer industry. BREW is focused on leveraging this expertise while still remaining centered on the U.S. market, Michaelson says.

“Partnering with [Craft Can Travel!] allowed us to leverage their expertise, but equally as important, not dilute our resources that are focused on our priority, which is the U.S. market. We think we’ve got the right expertise. We think we have the right strategy with taking it slow and developing our brands really for the long term and not delevering what we’re trying to accomplish in the U.S.,” Michaelson said.