Technology >> CEO Interviews >> July 14, 2003

Woodson Hobbs – Pumatech Inc (puma)

WOODSON (WOODY) HOBBS is President and Chief Executive Officer of Pumatech, Inc. He comes to Pumatech with a wealth of industry experience, most recently as a consulting executive for the venture capital community, and as a strategic systems consultant to large corporations. He has held the position of interim CEO for a number of leaders of the Internet revolution, including FaceTime, the leading instant messaging system connecting consumers to business; Tradenable, the leading online escrow service; BigBook, a pioneer in the online yellow pages industry; and I/PRO, the leader in quantitative measurement of Website usage. Mr. Hobbs has also been the architect behind numerous systems that serve millions of customers and transactions for companies like Charles Schwab, IBM and Tesseract. He was CIO for Charles Schwab, helping the company dramatically increase its customer base from 200,000 to over 2 million. Mr. Hobbs was also CEO of Tesseract, which provided employees of large corporations like Bank of America, Chevron, IBM and Merck with a comprehensive human resource and payroll system. At IBM, Mr. Hobbs was one of the creators of Focus, an online credit union system that ultimately served over 20 million members. Profile
TWST: Could you give us a brief history of Pumatech as well as an

overview of the company?

Mr. Hobbs: Pumatech has been around for 10 years and went public in

1996. It was founded by a couple