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Viktor Vogt – Algo Vision Plc (avsn: Easdaq)

DR VIKTOR VOGT is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Algo Vision Plc. He led the spin-off team that acquired the operating business that currently forms the basis of the Group from IAT in early 1998. Dr Vogt served as Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IAT from its creation in 1989 up to the date of the IAT spin-off. This period included the flotation of IAT on NASDAQ in March 1997. Prior to 1988, Dr Vogt was Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany. He was a pioneer scientist at the Academy for Economics and Administration in Nurnberg, focussing on the implementation of computer science in education. Dr Vogt received his degree in Natural Sciences from Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen in 1980. Profile
TWST: Viktor, could you start please with a quick corporate profile of

Algo Vision?

Dr. Vogt: Algo Vision is a typical technology group that was demerged in

early 1998 from an existing