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Utilizing Recovery and Undervalued Growth Approaches to Invest in the Swiss Market

Comby, Philippe
Philippe Comby, CFA, FRM, is Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, since 2012, of The Swiss Helvetia Fund Inc. He is also Senior Vice President of Hottinger Capital Corp., the investment adviser to the Swiss Helvetia Fund. Mr. Comby is, in addition, the Chief Investment Officer of Hottinger Brothers LLC, an investment adviser dedicated to investment services for high-net-worth individuals. Mr. Comby leads the investment committee of Hottinger Capital and Hottinger Brothers LLC. His primary responsibilities are stock selection based on bottom-up fundamental analysis, portfolio construction and reporting. Mr. Comby has been with Hottinger Group, in investment management, since 1996.  Profile
TWST: I'd like to start with an overview of Swiss Helvetia Fund’s investment philosophy and strategy.

Mr. Comby: We have two main approaches that we comment on regularly in our