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Using Value-Based Investment Management Over the Long Term

Schatz, Brad
Brad Schatz is President of Port Capital LLC and brings more than 21 years of investment experience to Port Capital and is responsible for the firm’s investment strategy and research process. He is a fundamental, value-based portfolio manager focused on investing in small- and mid-cap companies. Before joining Port Capital, Mr. Schatz spent nine years as a portfolio manager and senior analyst with San Francisco-based Snyder Capital Management. Prior to this, he was a portfolio manager at a multistrategy investment firm and a senior analyst at Rothschild Asset Management. Mr. Schatz received his MBA from the University of Chicago and both a B.S. in finance and B.A. in psychology with honors from the University of Colorado Boulder.
O'Brien, Brien M.
Brien M. O'Brien has 30 years of investment experience and serves as Chairman and CEO of Advisory Research, Inc. (ARI). Prior to joining ARI, he was the Founder of Marquette Capital, an investment advisory firm that merged with ARI in 1996. A former Vice President at Bear Stearns, he began his career with Oppenheimer & Co. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of Boston College, a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago Medical Center and a member of the Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Endowment Committee of the Westminster School in Simsbury, Connecticut. He graduated with honors from Boston College with a BS degree in Finance and Theology. Profile

TWST: Tell us about Port Capital and why you decided to establish the firm.

Mr. O’Brien: Port Capital was originally developed as a family office, which I