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Using Options to Manage Possible Uptick in Tax Rates, Volatility

Davenport, Stephen
Stephen Davenport, CFA, is the Director of Alternative Investments at Decatur Capital Management Inc. He is responsible for the firm’s Alternative strategies. He has an extensive knowledge of equities, derivatives and market dynamics. He uses a combination of quantitative and fundamental approach in managing assets. Mr. Davenport received a B.S. degree in industrial engineering at Columbia University, a B.S. degree in mathematics and computer science at Providence College, and an M.S. degree in finance from Boston College. He has held multiple volunteer roles and leadership positions with the CFA Atlanta, ASFIP Foundation. During his role as President, he established a financial literacy foundation, with the main goal of helping the metro Atlanta community. In 2019, Mr. Davenport received the FLY (Financial Leader of the Year) award from McCracken Alliance for the work in the financial literacy field. Profile
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