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Using Dividend Stocks to Mitigate Risk in the Large-Cap Space

Neiman, Dan
Dan Neiman is a Partner and Chief Financial Officer of Neiman Funds Management LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser, and the Portfolio Manager of the Neiman Large Cap Value Fund and the Neiman Balanced Allocation Fund. Prior to helping form Neiman Funds Management LLC, Mr. Neiman was Co-Partner of Neiman Capital Management LLC, which managed both individual client accounts and the Neiman Large Cap Value Fund. Mr. Neiman is a Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Portfolio Manager at Independent Solutions Wealth Management, LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser. As a registered investment adviser representative, Mr. Neiman has managed equity, ETF and mutual fund portfolios for individual clients since 2000. Using a bottom-up approach to investing for the flagship Neiman Large Cap Value Fund, learned from his father, Harvey, he focuses on searching for fundamentally strong companies that pay a dividend and have healthy call option premiums. His goal in any market is to help protect on the downside while seeking potential to participate on the upside. A third-generation San Diegan, Mr. Neiman is an active member in the community. He went to La Jolla High School and earned a degree in finance from Humboldt State University. He has studied investments and the markets since the early 1990s. Mr. Neiman also played football and volleyball at Humboldt State and currently competes in professional beach volleyball tournaments across the country. Profile
TWST: Please give us the background on the Neiman Funds.

Mr. Neiman: In 2003, my dad Harvey and I had been managing together investment adviser assets for a couple of years, and he had