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Thomas Rusling – Howe & Rusling Inc

THOMAS G. RUSLING is co-Chairman of Howe and Rusling, Inc. He has four decades of portfolio management and corporate finance experience. A commercial banker before joining the firm in 1965, Mr. Rusling became President in 1974, and has recently moved to the position of co-Chairman of the Board and Senior Investment Officer based in Rochester for the company. He remains active on a full-time basis, focusing on investment strategy and research, and managing many portfolios for the firm's clients. He was instrumental in developing the basis for Howe & Rusling's investment disciplines. He also serves on the Boards of several philanthropic organizations, including in the capacity of Trustee. Mr. Rusling earned a degree in Economics from Yale, and later earned the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst. Profile
TWST: Can you begin with an overview of Howe & Rusling, and your

investment philosophy there?

Mr. Rusling: The last time I spoke to you, which was June 2002, I

said that a lot had been