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Theodore Schwartz – Berger Holdings Ltd (bgrh)

THEODORE A. SCHWARTZ is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Berger Holdings, Ltd. Mr. Schwartz, has served as Chairman of the parent company since May 1989, at which time Berger Bros Company was acquired. Since its inception in 1983 until December 1994, Mr. Schwartz also served as Chairman, CEO, President and Treasurer of Halcyon Group Ltd., a Pennsylvania Limited Partnership engaged in venture capital. He was previously Vice President in the Corporate Finance department of Gruntal & Company. Prior to this, Mr. Schwartz was a Principal of a NYSE firm with which he was associated for a period of 17 years. A graduate of Wharton School of Finance, Mr. Schwartz has extensive Business and Financial Management experience. He has successfully raised funding for many companies through public offerings and private placements. Profile
TWST: Could we start out with a little history and a quick overview of


Mr. Schwartz: Berger is a 126-year-old company. We manufacture roof

drainage products, which include pipe and