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Sustaining Outperformance in an Inefficient Small Cap Marketplace

Sirois, Mathieu
Mathieu Sirois, CFA, is Partner, President and Senior Portfolio Manager, U.S. Small Cap Equities at Van Berkom and Associates Inc., where he is responsible for all the investment decisions related to this product and for the management of the U.S. Equity Team, and for conducting research on a broad spectrum of the U.S. small-cap equity market. Mr. Sirois is a member of the Executive Management Committee, a member of the board of directors and a significant shareholder of Van Berkom. He became President of Van Berkom and Associates Inc. in 2021. In 2007, he was promoted to the position of Senior Portfolio Manager for Van Berkom U.S. Small-Cap Equities, and prior to that, he was part of the U.S. Small-Cap Equity Team since joining the company in 2000. Mr. Sirois is a CFA Charterholder (2003) and holds a M.Sc., Finance from HEC Montreal (2001). Profile
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TWST: Hi, Mathieu. Thank you for joining us today. To start things off, could you tell me about your firm, Van Berkom, its history, its ethos, and your role