Financial Services >> Analyst Interviews >> June 4, 2012

Strong Returns for BDCs as at 2% Level Corporate Credit Defaults

Howlett, Matt
Matt Howlett, Vice President at Macquarie Group, joined the company through the Fox-Pitt Kelton Cochran Caronia Waller LLC acquisition in December 2009. He had joined FPK in September 2004, covering the mortgage REIT/leverage finance sector. Before FPK, Mr. Howlett spent several years at Standard & Poor's, Salomon Smith Barney and Bayerische Landesbank, where he analyzed structured finance transactions, including private-label, mortgage-backed securities and CDOs. Profile
TWST: What do you cover in the BDC space?

Mr. Howlett: We cover the larger-cap ones. I think there are about six or seven that we cover. Ares (ARCC), being the largest, and