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Spotty Commercial Loan Growth in Regional Banking

Palmer, Mark
Mark Palmer is a Managing Director and Equity Analyst for BTIG LLC with a focus on the financials sector. Mr. Palmer has 14 years of industry experience as an Analyst and Portfolio Manager in both equities and high-yield/distressed debt. He joined BTIG from Prudence Holdings, a family office, where he served as Portfolio Manager. Prior to Prudence, Mr. Palmer served as a Portfolio Manager for Resurgence Asset Management and Highbridge Capital Management. He previously worked for BlackRock, AIG Global Investment Group and BNY Capital Markets as a High Yield and Distressed Debt Analyst. Mr. Palmer began his financial services career in leveraged finance at Bank of America. He received an MBA from the University of North Carolina atChapel Hill and a Master and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia. Profile
TWST: If you would, please start with a snapshot of your coverage universe.

Mr. Palmer: My coverage universe is indicative of an opportunistic approach to the financials sector. There