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Socially Responsible Investing: A. Pringle / E. Mcgeveran – Friends Ivory & Sime

ELIZABETH ELLIOTT MCGEVERAN is a Vice President of Friends Ivory & Sime. She leads the North American equities program for the company's global Social and Environmental Research Unit. Friends Ivory & Sime is a London-based investment management firm that specializes in socially responsible investing and is the largest manager of socially responsible investments in the UK. The firm recently launched their first socially responsible mutual funds in the US, the Friends Ivory Social Awareness Fund, a US domestic fund, and the Friends Ivory Social Awareness European Fund, the first European socially responsible fund offered in the United States. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. McGeveran was the Managing Director and, for three years, Media Director of the Social Investment Forum of Co-op America. She is a member of the Board of Directors. Ms. McGeveran began her career as a research consultant studying citizens' access to legal institutions and their understanding of the law. She earned her BA in Sociology and Anthropology with a minor in Political Economy from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. Profile
ANDREW PRINGLE is Director of Investments for Friends Ivory & Sime and Lead Portfolio Manager of Friends Ivory Social Awareness Fund. As lead manager of the Mutual Fund, Andrew Pringle heads a New York-based team that includes four managers with specific US Industry sector expertise. He has been with the firm for almost two decades. Mr. Pringle joined the London-based parent company in 1981 as part of the insurance and actuarial unit, and, in 1985, began working in investment management. He managed US equity portfolios since 1987. Mr. Pringle shares responsibility for managing the Friends Ivory Social Awareness Fund portfolios with New York based investment management team. He graduated with honors from Bristol University in England with a Bachelor of Sciences degree and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Investment Management and Research in the UK. Profile
TWST: Could we start out with a brief overview of the Fund and how you

approach it?

Mr. Pringle: There are two sides to the answer: the investment side and

the socially responsible or SRI