Technology >> Analyst Interviews >> December 6, 2010

Social Media’s Impact On The Internet Space – Lou Kerner – Wedbush Securities

Lou Kerner is a Managing Director of the private shares group at Wedbush Securities, where some of his responsibilities include coverage of social media companies. For the previous 10 years, Mr. Kerner was a serial entrepreneur with previous ventures that include Bolt Media Inc., one of the original social networks, which grew to more than 20 million monthly unique visitors in its suite of youth-focused Web sites, and The .tv Corporation International, which licensed the top-level domain .tv from the tiny island nation of Tuvalu. Mr. Kerner spent the first seven years of his career on Wall Street as an Equity Analyst following media companies at Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc., and Goldman Sachs. Profile
TWST: One of your key investment theses is that social media is going to have a much bigger impact across the Internet media and e-commerce sectors than is currently believed on Wall Street. Would you