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Significant Margin Growth Available to Niche Airlines

Ray Neidl is a Senior Equity Analyst at Calyon Securities (USA) Inc. He is responsible for the airline and aerospace industry, and has 20-plus years of aviation experience. He joined Calyon in September 2004. Before joining Calyon, he was a Senior Equity Analyst at Blaylock & Partners, where he covered the airline, leisure, travel and transportation industries. Before Blaylock, he was with Furman Selz/ING/ABN Amro for 11 years covering airlines and airfreight companies. Previous to that, he was a High-Yield Analyst at Dillon Read, now part of UBS Warburg, and MCM, a bond research organization, and was a Credit Analyst at S&P. He began his career in the aviation sector at American Airlines in various financial and planning positions. He regularly appears on general and business news programs as an industry expert, and is frequently quoted in the general and business news publications regarding the aviation and airline industries. He is the coauthor of the published book, Airline Odyssey: The Airline Industry's Turbulent Flight into the Future, published by McGraw-Hill. Most recently, he has been a contributor to four industry publications, Airline Economics, Airline Operations, Airline Planning and Airline Financing, all McGraw-Hill publications whose contributors include numerous well-known professionals and managers in the aviation and aerospace industries. He received an MBA in finance from Pace University and a B.S. from Albany State University, and is a member of the New York Society of Securities Analysts, Airline Splinter Group. Profile
TWST: The immediate question is what is going to happen with sequestration? What's your view?

Mr. Neidl: Well, I am very nervous about the so-called financial cliff, which we are