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Short-Duration High-Yield Investment Strategy Holds Up Well

Hahn, Gregory J.
Gregory J. Hahn, CFA, is President and Chief Investment Officer at Winthrop Capital Management, as well as a founding partner. He leads the firm’s investment team and is responsible for overseeing the firm’s portfolio management, investment strategies, and security selections. Prior to forming Winthrop Capital Management, Mr. Hahn was the Chief Investment Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager for Oppenheimer Asset Management and its subsidiary, Oppenheimer Investment Management. There he was responsible for the oversight of the fixed-income investment process. He also served as the Chief Investment Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager with Conseco Capital Management (40|86 Advisors). In addition to his investment management responsibilities at CCM, Mr. Hahn was President and Trustee of the 40|86 Series Trust and the 40|86 Strategic Income Fund, and had responsibility for the $1.2 billion real estate and private equity portfolio. Mr. Hahn holds a BBA from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from Indiana University. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a member and former President of the CFA Society of Indianapolis, a former Trustee of the Indiana Public Employee Retirement System, and has served as a member on the ACLI’s Committee on State Regulation of Investments. He also serves as an independent trustee of the FEG Absolute Access Fund, LLC, and is a member of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts. Profile
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TWST: Tell us a bit about the genesis of Winthrop and any important changes or milestones during its 15-year history.

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